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Sample Functional and Non Functional Requirements

Sample Functional and Non Functional Requirements
There is nothing wrong with learning by example. These are sample functional requirements for 'HELLO' applications. Hopefully, you will be able to translate these into your own in a simple way. If I had to provide some tips they would be as follows.
  • Keep them short.
  • One requirement per line.
  • Do not appolgize for starting every sentence the same way, this is not a creative writing exercise.
Sample Functional Requirements
Ability to display 'last name, firstname and middle initial after the word HELLO.
Abiltiy for the HELLO application to be available online to all interested HELLO application users.
Ability for the user to change last name if required.
Ability for HELLO application to automaically sort all active collected names alphabetically as they are added.
Ability to hold 4 years of active names.
Ability for all office staff to query names.
Ability for the user to view but no modify other user names.
Sample Non Functional Requirements
Must be compatible with Internet Explorer and Safari browsers.
Must be mobile device capable for input and reporting.
Must be backed up nightly.
Must be able to delete all names older than 4 years from the list.
Should be available to all users 5 days a week, M-F, 24 hours a day.
Should be able to scale to twice the amount of users over a period of 2 months.
As you can see as simple as these are they are very short and clear. A real application or programming effort will have many of these. If you find you are getting too many of these then you are probably working at a level too low for general requirements gathering and are encroaching on low level design or technical specifications.