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Solution Design In It's Simplest From

Linda Storm
Solution Design
Enterprise Architecture

Solution Design In Its Simplest Form

Solution design is only part of the process and part of the team work. The solution designer and project manger may be the same person on a small project but more likely a separate person on a larger project.
A small project under $100,000 may only require only four sets of documentation. Excluding project management scheduling, resource management requests and email. It is rare that a project this small can afford to create more documentation than this. Documentation is necessary but does add costs. If I have one very big word of advice it is never ever remove the documentation creation as a way to reduce costs. The final documentation may be the only means of technology recovery that is avaible. Backup datacenter or no backup datacenter this documentation may be required at some time. Do not propose a solution design without it.
The only process more important than backup is recovery and that is typically done using the oringal Build Guides and Run Books.
Linda J Storm