The Project was born in 2008 after detecting the urgent need to correct the situation related with the vinasses produced by the Tequila Industy. 

We became keen to study the different technologies for treating the vinasses and realized that there is no treatment that can be considered either economical and environmentally sustainable.

Looking for help, in 2009 alongside The Universidad del Medio Ambiente, New Ventures, Fundacion E & GreenMomentum we worked on the social, environmental and economical foundations, that were to become the pillars of the company once constituted in 2011.

Since 2012 we have worked with sugar mills in the Veracruz region with a pilot plant in order to test our hypothesis, establish our processes, define our methods, refine our strategies and develop our products. In this period of time, Research and Development stole our attention and with the help of diverse funding programs and grants from the Ministry of Economics and the Center for Scientific Research (CONACYT) we learned about the potential products and industry segments we could address in relation to the vinasse use and exploitation. 

In 2013 we invested our time and effort in learning about thermal energy and how to obtain it out of the vinasses. For 12 months alongside global technology leaders we analyzed, learned and developed the feasibility of the project.

In 2015 we scaled our pilot plant operation into a formal operation that had the capabilities of transforming vinasses in a daily manner all year round in an industrial scale, signing a contract with a new partner with global perspectives and having more than 40 faciliteis worldwide, starting the construction of our new development in 2016 and starting our operations in 2017.

In 2019 started a project for vinasse dehydration that could broaden our scope and increase our reach, improve the shelf life of our products and ultimately expand our markets.

2021 we shift our perception of the business in order to make it more customer based, striving to offer an englobing solution that can trully add value and solve their problems while giving the energy generation project the potential to become a pristine source of wealth.